Solartronics is a division of Mulick Construction and Design, Inc. We sell and install electric “photovoltaic” equipment, or solar systems, that are designed to mitigate or eliminate your electric bill. We are certified installers for SMA Inverters and we belong to the California Solar Energy Industries Association.

The State of California, is facing continuously rising energy costs. The State is combating electric supply needs by offering financial incentives that are now in place and funded. These programs promote the harnessing of solar energy to lower energy costs while at the same time, eliminating the incidents of rolling power outages by feeding electrical power back into the main electric supply grid. These programs will rely on converting solar energy into electricity by installing solar panels on homes and commercial buildings.

The California Public Utilities Commission approved the “Solar Power Initiative” in January and the bill was signed by the Governor in August. It approved $3 billion in customer rebates over a 10-year period to encourage residents to install solar panels on their roofs. There are also Federal incentives that compliment the State programs.

Photovoltaic Solar Cells are comprised of high-grade silicon that is chemically enhanced to allow it to release electrons when it is hit by sunlight. A solar module is a group of solar cells linked together on a panel or module. These modules can be mounted on racks, on a roof or on a pole, along with other panels.

A group of modules is called a “solar array”. The number of modules in the array will determine the amount of power that the array delivers.

Since there are not any moving parts in a solar electric system, then there is virtually no maintenance. The manufacturers of the modules are giving 25-year factory warranties, and the life of a module can far outlast the warranty.

Listed below are links to websites that will help explain the various incentive programs as well as information on the solar systems themselves. The last link listed is an estimating program that will tell you the amount of solar system required for you to “Zero Your Meter”, or to help reduce your bill.
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